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Actual news

27. februar 2019
Photo exhibition March 4th-29th

Together with my photographer friends in our photo group Kamera5 I have arranged a photo exhibition at Medborgercentret Nordens Plads in Domus Vista from March 4th to March 29th.

Fernisage will be held March 5th from 5 to 7.30 p.m. Come and meet us, see our pictures and have a glas!
The address is Nordens Plads 16A, Frederiksberg; entrance from the back side of the building. Be aware that you need your social security card to be able to enter the building.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

July 6th 2018
Portfolio updated

I have today updated the four image collections boudoir, fashion, lifestyle and nude art.

September 6th 2017
I have stopped shooting with models in Denmark

During the summer I have been thinking about my future work with model photography. I have now decided not any longer to shoot with models in Denmark. Instead I will only work on with model photography abroad at one or a couple of individual travels each year in the period April-September, arranged by myself with model photography as the main travel purpose. The rest of the year I will not arrange any shootings.

This means that I will no longer book travelling models from abroad coming to Denmark and that I will only shoot with a limited number of models each year. As I already know several very good models abroad, who I would like to shoot, I do not at the moment search for new models for my images.

The main reason for this decision is that even in the summer period it is almost impossible to arrange outdoor shootings on location because of the weather conditions. I have now several times had to book hotel rooms as location for shootings planned to be outdoor. The number of not too expensive hotel locations suitable for photography in Copenhagen is limited, so it would be repetition only to continue doing that. Going abroad to places with better weather conditions will give me better chances to be able to work outdoor at different interesting locations, and it will give me some nice travel experiences as well.

July 26th 2017
Participating at the "Linan 2017" photo exhibition in Malmö August 12th

After a pause last year Niklas Wibom is now again arranging the popular outdoor photo exhibition "Linan" in Malmö in Sweden. As usual the exhibition will be at display in the park opposite the library Saturday afternoon August 12th. I will also this year participate with a serie of images. This time it will be an interactive exhibition with the theme voyerism and with my talented model Suzzi acting at the pictures. See you in Malmö!

July 26th 2017
No more bookings this year

With three planned shootings in August-September I am now booked up for this season, so I do not book any further models untill spring next year.

February 15th 2017
Calendar for shoots in 2017

As models are already now contacting me about shooting in the near future as well as in the summer months I have decided to add a calendar for 2017 where you can see, when I have time for shoots and which months I am already booked up.

January 1st 2017
Welcome to my new model photography homepage

I have for a while been working with this version to solve two problems with the former version of my model photo homepage:

  • It was not possible to view my image galleries at medias like mobile phones, ipads etc., which many people use for net connections today
  • It was too time consuming to update the image galleries with new images

  • The reason for both problems was that the former image galleries were made with the program Simple Viewer. This program is not supported by all medias, and if I wanted to make just a minor change in a Simple Viewer image gallery I had to create a new version of the complete gallery.

    Besides solving these problems I wanted to make some selected images more visible by showing them at the front page as "appetizers". I also wanted to be able to publish news and other relevant information at the homepage.

    While making the completely new version I have simplified and updated the text as well. I have also reduced the number of images a lot so that the galleries now only contains some relatively new images that represent my actual image and editing style.

    The result of all this is this new and more functional model photography homepage.


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