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About my images

Ever since antiquity "the beautiful sex" has been synonymous with women. In the Greek as well as in the Roman world of gods the god of beauty was a goddess, Afrodite and Venus respectively. The woman in the seductive role we find in the old testament of the Bible personified in Eve in the Garden of Paradise, tempting Adam with an apple. The beauty of women has since then been admired and depicted by numerous artists: sculptors, painters and in recent times also by photographers.

Being a male photographer female beauty is not surprisingly also fascinating me, and it has become my photographic passion to capture it with my camera. To search for just precise what I find the most attractive by each of my models, and to create photos that shows their individual beauty in a beautiful, elegant and also sensual but never in a vulgar or degrading way.

The images at this site are some of my recent favourites, and they represent my actual image style. This site is a tribute to all the many talented models I have had the pleasure to photograph.

Jan Valeur

Jan Valeur, Dalstrøget 64, 1.th., 2870 Dyssegård, Denmark - valeurfoto@gmail.com