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Some credits

Ilvy Kokomo, model
You're so easy to work with and it's rare to meet such a nice person.

MPN, model
I had wonderful photoshoot with Jan. We had nice Sunday morning photoshoot with good lighting and with good vibes :) Recommended for sure.

Lucie V., model
Thank you so much for spending nice photo shooting with you. I really like the way how we cooperate together. I'm looking forward to see all beautiful pictures we made! I hope it wasn't the last time taking pictures with you and I can get a chance in a future.

Elilith, model
With you, it is not really a work, it is a fun! It was a pleasure to shoot with you, such a good mood and nice pictures ... you are the best!

Suzzi Čermáková, model
It was great working with Jan, he's a very kind, reliable and enthusiastic photographer, willing to experiment to create the best. :) Looking forward to our future cooperation!

Emily, model
Beautiful photos!!!!!!! You're my best photographer from Denmark! I LOVE our photos. They are really great!

Denisa Strakova, model
Jan is serious, reliable, friendly, helpful and nice person. I recommend him very much! I am so happy that we worked together. Thank u for everything. I appreciate it. I hope to work with you next time.

Nerissa Bustova, model
Thank you for cooperation while you were in Prague. It was a pleasure to work with you. Jan is a positive person and good photographer who is able to make good athmosphere during the shooting. So girls, lets go shoot with him!

Heidi Marinsen Steinlein, model
It was really nice to be photographed by you today and I am sure that there will be some good images. Very nice atmosphere in the studio and I feel I have learned something.

Magdalena Kovarova, model
We have had a nice photoshooting in Prague. This photographer has a good sense for composition and final appearance of photos. According to this he is kind and our comunication for shooting was clear with fast reply.

Carolina Falini, model
I am sooooooooo satisfied with the photos. You are a very talented photographer, and I am happy that I met you.

Lena Kudryavtseva, model
Thank you very much for the photo shooting! It was fun to shoot with you. Very nice atmosphere and can't wait to see the pictures!

Diana Kopmane, model
It was the one of the most positive sessions I ever had. Thank you for making me feel really cozy and welcomed. You are sooo nice ))) and Your studio also is very nice and hyggeligt.

Michaela Vargova, model
I would definately like to work with you again.

Stella Møller-Kristensen, model
I am very thankful for taking so well care about me as a new model and for having helped me so much as you have. You are no doubt a very talented photographer and one always have a funny and cozy photo session with you. I am looking forward to work together with you again.

Šarūne Bendaravičiūte, model
I’m really happy with the results and I hope it’s not the last time we create so beautiful pictures!

Louise Rams, model
No doubt you are one of the sweetest photographers I have ever worked with - and there has been quite a lot.

Jan Palmblad, photographer
You are successfully using ordinary locations in a fantastic way. The cropping, perfect light. And then of course a beautiful model...

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