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My conditions of collaboration

I almost solely collaborate with professional models, and I do not at the moment search for new models, as the ones I already know and wants to shoot with fully fills up my relatively limited needs for models.

To fit into my image world there are some few demands you have to match:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be slim (but not thin) and have a natural, feminine body shape
  • Tattoos are banned in my images, so no kind of tattoos are accepted, unless they are so small, that I am easily able to - and allowed to - edit them away or hide them in a natural way

  • Though I include nude art in my work it is definately not a demand that you do too. But I prefer models who have a relaxed and natural feeling about being photographed in lingerie.

    I do not shoot images showing smoking.

    Tfp (time for pictures)
    I rarely work on tfp basis, and I only do so with models who I find attractive and who are interested in working with one or more of my favourite themes.

    I regard a tfp shoot as collaboration on equal conditions for model and photographer, and my general conditions for tfp are:

  • We work equally with your and my ideas and wishes
  • You will get 8 edited images from the shoot, and you are welcome to participate in selecting them
  • You will have your images within 14 days
  • It is a condition, that I can use and publish the images from the shoot (and you are allowed to do that as well)

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