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My calendar for shoots in 2019

Autumn 2018 I have started experimenting with model video recording. So I intend to include this in my plans for photo shoots in 2019.

This year I have planned a model photo travel to Riga, and I will most likely also go to Prague to shoot with some models from my wish list. Furthermore I intend to book some models for photo and/or video shoots in Denmark.

As I need daylight for my images I generally don't shoot models in the months October-March. The rest of the year I have so far time for shooting in Denmark these periods:
April: 15.-26.
May: 6.-15.
June: 20.-30.
July: 1.-31.
August: 1.-31.
September: 1.-6. og 16.-30.

Models who are in Denmark within these periods are welcome to contact me about a shoot.


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